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“it was very interesting for me, I appreciated being able to bring my style for a brand like Puma”

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Back in the 80’s, the PUMA Suede became the IT shoe in the hip-hop scene on the streets of New York City. A timeless classic and an integral part of sneaker history, the style was embraced by many sub-cultures and called by many names: the ‘Suede’, the ‘Clyde’, and PUMA ‘Joints’ to name a few – but it was the UK scene that adopted this style and made it their own, aptly re-naming it the PUMA ‘States’, after its birthplace. Initially, the shoe was not sold in Britain and was hard to find: but the legendary status amongst the NYC Hip-Hop community meant that people were shipping them over to feed a burgeoning underground casuals scene across the pond, where it became known as the ‘States’.

Isysia is an autodidact artist from Brussels, who taught herself how to draw powerful women in futuristic, pop-art-like, colorful but realistic ways. When we saw her work, we were immediately drawn to it and wanted to know more about her. What moves her and what is her artistic view on the PUMA ‘States’?